ABOUT US, TU!HOTEL Contract, we are a group of companies, manufacturers with more than 50 years of experience in the sector. We rely on more than 12.000 m² of surface with all the necessary of machinery in the order to realize projects aimed at the sector
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Contact, Our featured projects realized in Algeria, Spain, Morrocco, Tunisia, Dominican Republic, Guinea Ecuatorial



Front Desk And Lobby for Hotels, TU!Hotel Contract, has a great variety of furniture for Lobby, here we show you some of our articles0 We are manufacturers, adapt to the need and design of our customer.  We realize offers of lobbie's decoration, equipment
Restaurants, Tu hotel contract decoration ,With our products you will find the harmony, functionality, aesthetics and quality that you are searching after for your Restaurant or Cafe. We rely on products of prices that they adapt to your interests.     In
Projects Realized TU Hotel Contract, TU!HOTEL,  integral service of hotel's equipment, residences, restaurants, cafeterias. We do the manufacture and assembly of furniture and realize projects of decoration and design ''Turnkey"   We present for you b
Rooms Tu hotel contract Spanish furniture,  It exists a large variety of designs and room's style, to choose the suitable style, it is enough to know the type of the customer wich you want that visit you hotel. Comfort, warmth and an identical decoration
Rest Tu Hotel Contract, The rest - Bed bases /Box Spring /Mattresses/Pillows For TU!Hotel ; the rest is essential. Normally we use hotels for our holidays or for work, the relevancy of this act has led us to offer articles that it bets for the comfort and




Every project needs a customized deal and our team contributes ideas and solutions to the specific of every project. Our aim is to provide the best quality, together with the most functional solution adapted to the unique requirements of our clients.

We know that the first feeling counts a lot, because of it we offer the best quality...

The space speaks and transmits us a multitude of emotions. The best thing is when you observe the set and anything shock because everyhting is perfectly integrated. Beyond the visual effect that they could provoke, the furniture receive life indeed when you touch and use it. The texture is very important, that the finishes transmits sensations.


Provides a harmonious situations and the just comfort to your clients to enjoy these special moments.

Do you have an hotel or residence to remodel ?


Our technical team will elaborate a plan of work for you project, to obtain a major value in the accomplishment and installation. We collaborate with architects of relevancy which will detail all the needs of your project and request you the neccessary permissions. In TU!HOTEL Contract we accompany you from the begening into the end. Put in touch with our sales team.  

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Tu hotel contract, Architecture and Interior Design, Remodeling Spaces

We rely on a professional team with many years of experience in the decoration's sector and "Key in hand" in a very short and limited deadline. 


We realize your decoration's project, manufacture it and install it in record times. Put in touch with our sales team and  we will study you project with charm

 With the satisfaction of our customers.
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In Tu Hotel Contract we want to help you, contact our sales team and they will advise you in every detail and in every moment.




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