Tu Hotel Contract in collaboration with companies in the sector, works on equipment implantations for beaches. If you have a hotel and you have a private area on the beach and you need to equip it, our team will inform and advise you of the products.

unbedHeather umbrellas, African reed umbrellas, marine cane umbrellas, heather pergolas, injected sunbeds, wooden sunbeds, aluminum sunbeds, Balinese beds, water parks, pedal boats etc...

We have the experience, during the last year we have equipped beaches in Algeria, and our clients are very satisfied.





The wide range of these umbrellas and pergolas made with natural fiber are designed for integration into natural or commercial environments, such as beaches, water parks, neighboring communities and camping.


Thanks to the materials used and the workmanship of our expert craftsmen. We offer parasols and pergolas very robust, designed for intensive and professional use. The use of national heather, esparto, marine cane or African reed in conjunction with autoclaved treated woods, guarantee a long service life without any maintenance.


We have a wide range of beach sunbeds, injected plastic, aluminum and wood. Lounger and side tables to equip your beach area.

We work with good suppliers, certified and with European regulations.



Manufactured with high quality materials and maximum resistance that ensure its effectiveness for it professional use in the most extreme conditions. The large combination of modular items allows the creation of multiple independent or joint forms to adapt it to the available space.


We offer a wide range of inflatables such as, trampolines, slides, rockers, climbing towers, catapults and etc...



All products have heat-sealed seals and safety valves.



Our supplier of Pedal boats is at the avant-garde of the manufacture of these products using the novel technique of triple layer with a polyethylene foam to prevent pores, giving them greater strength and buoyancy to all boats. For all this, we give a three-year warranty on all our products, because

we know we have no competition. Great variety of models and colours, straight slides, curved.. from the standard pedal to the new hridrobeet.

In addition to the items shown, we have a wide variety of elements that we can offer you for the equipment of your hotel or private beach: floating platforms, Kayaks, Jest sky, showers and foot washer, water modules, floating jetties, Anti-jellyfish nets and a long etc...


In our equipment projects, we always work with the best suppliers, those who offer us the highest quality and service. If you have a project and need our advice, please contact our sales team at:



Carrt. de Villena Km 2



 Tel. - 00 34 868 401 402 / 868 623 842




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