TU!Hotel Contract, has a great variety of furniture for Lobby, here we show you some of our articles0 We are manufacturers, adapt to the need and design of our customer.

We realize offers of lobbie's decoration, equipment, wall-covers, receipts, armchairs, tables, lighting, textile and a length list of article.



The receipt is the representative character of your hotel , it supposes the first capture of contact with the customer . El diseño es primordial, es un elemento de comunicación en la relación servicio-cliente. The design is basic , is an element of communication in the relation service-customer.

In TU!Hotel, we design and make the receipt which adapts to the environment, creating the only and unique element in your lobby.

The receipt of a hotel is a step forced for all the customers of a hotel and for this it is necessary to be many factors in mind .

In TU!Hotel we make the receipt on measure, with your design or we propose you our ideas. A mixture of materials that it emphasizing the colors, textures and lighting.

New materials that mark the difference

New materials, as a  KRION, a solid material of a new generation , with a modern look, an easy-clean, resistant and very moldable.


The lobby is the first visit that your customers do, a good combination of furniture, articles of decoration and lighting which make your customer appreciate of your hotel's meaning. 

Tu Hotel Contract offer you a wide broader of furniture and accessories of lobby. We adapt ourselves of the client making his own design.


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Stand out !! ... Unique pieces..

We elaborate a unique pieces with different design, check-out our wide catalogue, and if you have your own design, we manufacture it for you.

The lighting is a decoration too and it is a fundamental part in the architecture and design of your hotel.

In any project, you should to have a meticulously fun of the lighting's aspect.

In Tu Hotel Contract we advisse you in everymoment adapting to your needs.



Lighting on your measures...

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Each decoration requires it unique element, lighting on measures, with fabulous design.

In TU!Hotel we want to help you, just put in touch with our commercial team and they will advise you in every detail and in every moment.


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