Restaurant's and cafe's furniture

With our products you will find the harmony, functionality, aesthetics and quality that you are searching after for your Restaurant or Cafe. We rely on products of prices that they adapt to your interests.


In TU Hotel Contract  we help you to give a touch of personnality to your restaurant or cafe with our wide vriety of styles at your disposition.


Personnalized chairs...

A chair it's not only an element in which we sit down, in addition it is a part of decoration of restaurants and cafes . In Tu Hotel Contract, we personnalize your chairs, not only changing in finishes and textiles, more of that we stamp on it all what you wish with a total warranty.


In Tu Hotel Contract we help you to create the environment of your business.

Armchairs for a best comfort...

Armchairs offers you a harmonic and light lines that they adapt to any style and space . There are designed by the best materials and ergonomic forms, destined to provide the major possible comfort. Check-out our wide catalogue of ended.



Stools for the heights...

High, stable stools, with own design. We have a wide range of stools in different finished, if you have your own design and wants that we make it, put in touch with us.

Table, for many people....

When we speak on a table, we value the space, the design the decoration for al those. We make tables on measures combined with metal, wood, crystal, marble, textile .

In Tu Hotel Contract we leave ourselves to go for the decoration and let's believe the style that you need.

Decorative furniture...


A last decorative touch to your environment, decorative designed made-to-measure furniture. Colors, forms, combination of materials and an air space of separation of environments taking advantage of every space.

In Tu Hotel Contract we are manufacturers, give us your idea and we will realize it to you.


In TU!HOTEL we want to help you, contact our sales team and they will advise you in every detail and in every moment.


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