Tu Hotel Contract! When the work be transformed into a pleasure...


TU HOTEL Contract, we are a young and dynamic equip, we love our job. Group of factories, manufacturers ith over 40 years of experience in the sector, it possesses all the machinery neccessar to realize projects aimed at the Hotel and Residential sector.. Our formula is to listen, understand and realize what our client needs, always thinking on the design to realize it with the best quality and price.


The satisfaction of a well-done work......


At TU Hotel Contract we want that the projects of our customers be transformed into a spaces with an own personnality, that your clients feel themselves at home and could share an unforgettable souvenirs and experiences.

We are a specialized manufacturers in Contract and for this reason, we understand the needs of our clients and we adapt ourselves into it with all flexibility.

We like escort our customers during all the process, from the manufactory fase into the installation, offering a follow-up and a technical advice for each project.


Oficinas Tu Hotel Contract (Artemubak S.L.)

C/ Pascual Amat 14




Tel. - 00 34 868 623 842

Email. info@tuhotelcontract.com

Skype. TU HOTEL Contract

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